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Why choose Headed For College?

With more students than ever entering college after high school and increasing applications from international students, admissions have become highly competitive and accept rates decline every year. Parents often wonder why selective institutions reject deserving students, while others get accepted to the college of their choice. The difference often lies in activities, leadership, motivation, character and the quality of the written application.

Our goal is to ensure that your student will thrive and succeed throughout their undergraduate education. Headed For College consultants will guide you and your child through high school and the college application process to make certain that your student has the best possible options. We’ll help you create an academic plan and set goals for activities and leadership, and help your student find and be accepted to a college that best matches his or her interests and abilities.

Headed For College students have been accepted to the most highly regarded schools in the country. No educational consultant can guarantee admissions, but we can assure you that your student will get 100% of our experience, support and attention. Headed For College educational consultants are highly experienced education advisors, having assisted thousands of student candidates in the U.S. and abroad with diverse academic backgrounds and goals.

One-On-One Counseling

College preparation and applications can create a lot of stress in the household and complicate family relationships.  Headed For college provides individualized services based on your student’s specific needs. We recognize that each student is unique and important. Headed For College provides individual service, with consultants available nights, weekends and during the crucial summer months before senior year. We invest ourselves in getting to know your child’s strengths, ambitions, goals and special qualities.

Getting Started

In the initial consultation, you and your Headed For College educational consultant will discuss academic planning and goals, and help you define what is important to you and your child. Students and parents learn about academic planning, the basic steps in the college selection and the application process, admissions criteria, college choices that would be a good fit for the student, other colleges to investigate and how Headed For College can help.

Tutoring and Test Preparation

For test preparation and academic subjects, Headed For College partners with Tier One Tutors to provide in home experienced, effective tutors for all tests and in all subjects. Tier One will meet with you to assess your student’s needs before deciding on the best tutor for you. We will help your student decide which tests to take—and when to take them. Tier One Tutors will teach your child techniques to maximize results on standardized tests.

Educational Consulting Program

The Educational Consulting Program is available for students in eighth grade through the high school years.  We will meet with you and your child regularly to determine coursework, summer programs and leadership opportunities to optimize your child’s high school experience. Additionally, we will work with your child for the duration of the college selection and application process through college entrance. During senior year, we meet with your child extensively—from summer prior to the beginning of senior year all the way through college decisions—to ensure that your child remains focused, calm and engaged during the college application process. It’s all about making certain that your child’s individualized plan for college is realized.

Special Needs Assistance

Headed For College counselors work with needy students on a volunteer basis throughout the year, from one-on-one educational consulting sessions for students to group presentations for students and their parents.  If you are interested in learning more about our pro bono services, please contact us.