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College Applications & Selection

Common Application

The Common Application is the recommended form of 456 selective colleges and universities for admission to their undergraduate programs.  Many of these institutions use the form exclusively. The concept is simple: Students complete one Common Application form and send the form electronically to any of the participating colleges.

University of California (Pathways)

This site includes all information on the entire system of the University of California including the application (which can be completed and sent online), eligibility requirements, complete catalogues of all campuses and home pages of all campuses.  Introducing the University is also available online.

California State Universities

The site has all of the information on the California State University colleges including the online application, a search program and much more.

California Colleges and Universities

“Not sure where to start? is a powerful, open-ended site rich with content that makes finding and applying to a school in California a snap.”

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

This site offers direct links to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.