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Standardized Testing

SAT – The College Board

The College Board’s Home Page says it is the “starting point for students, parents, counselors, admission staff, financial aid staff, high school and college faculty members.”  College Board offers search capabilities and testing information.  You can learn about AP credit and placement policies.  You can register online for the SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Tests.  You can test yourself with a new SAT question and explanation every day.


The site says the ACT is “America’s most widely accepted college entrance exam – and more! provides educational and career planning for students and teachers at every level.”  This site also offers a link to the ACT student site at where you can register online for the ACT and learn more about the ACT.

Free ACT & SAT Prep Online

“In the past, all you needed was a number 2 pencil.”  It is a lot more complicated than that now.  Here students can access free SAT prep materials.  The site monitors what students do and makes suggestions.  It also has a section on vocabulary building.

Word of the Day

The dictionary folks at Merriam-Webster have a Word of the Day feature on their web site to help with building vocabulary.  I like the site because it offers help with pronunciation, uses the new word  in a sentence and gives background information on how the word was constructed.

ACT or SAT? Which Test To Take

These sites explain the difference between the SAT and the ACT and will help you decide which test best fits your skill set.