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Helping students make the best choices

With so many options and so much to do—navigating high school, choosing which classes to take, how to spend your summers and finding the right colleges—it is easy for students to become overwhelmed or discouraged. Your Headed For College consultant will work with you at every step to help take the stress out of your high school experience. We believe that every student is unique, and understand the importance of creating a plan tailored to your specific needs. Our consultants can help you evaluate all of your options, decide which classes to take, how to explore your interests, explain when and how to prepare for the SAT or ACT, develop a list of schools and walk you through the application options available to you.


Extracurricular Activities

High School Curriculum

Which classes are weighted at your high school? What are the requirements for graduation? Should you take AP classes?  Do you need summer school? Headed For College will work with you to develop a comprehensive four-year academic plan. We can help you determine the best classes to take in school, and also help you explore interests through special programs or at colleges. The  opportunities to learn in your high school years are unparalleled to any others, and our consultants will help you understand what options are best.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Your activities outside the classroom say a lot about you. Your Headed For College consultant will help you explore your interests and find activities that you care about. We will provide suggestions on how to develop leadership skills and make a meaningful impact on your school or community. By senior year, we hope to have helped you construct a college résumé that outlines your initiative, interests, and achievements and distinguishes you from your peers.

Summer Options

While it can be easy to spend summers lazing at home there are a myriad of other exciting options awaiting. We can show you a wide array of programs and courses that will help you explore your interests, bolster your résumé, or add to your curriculum. Classes at universities, special programs, intensive language programs, camps, jobs, research and community service are just some of the many ways to spend your leisure time. How you spend your summers reflects a great deal on you, and colleges like to see active, involved students, even when they aren’t in school.

Standardized Testing

Should you take the SAT or ACT? Which colleges don’t require the SAT or ACT? Do you need SAT Subject Tests? Do you really need to take that AP exam? Your Headed For College counselor will answer all of your questions and help you create an ideal schedule for standardized testing—when to take the tests, and when and how to study for them—based on your interests and schedule.


Writing compelling essays is an essential part of the admissions process and often the most stressful. Your essays provide opportunities to express yourself and help the admissions committee understand you. Your consultant will help you choose a topic that shows your ability to communicate and create a dynamic self-portrait. With our help, your essay will provide personal insight and be something you will be proud of.

Letters of Recommendation

Obtaining supportive recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, coaches or other authoritative figures is an important aspect of the application. To receive the best letters possible, Headed For College will help you identify supportive adults who really know you and who can talk about you and your contributions to the school and community. We will also assist you in drafting a summary of your accomplishments for your recommenders.


Many colleges include interviews as part of admissions. But the interview isn’t just for the interviewer to learn about the student; it’s also an opportunity for the student to learn about the institution. We will help you prepare for interviews by conducting mock interviews, as well as teach you valuable interview techniques to reduce stress and improve confidence. We will also provide you with interview questions to review and will make sure that you are well prepared.


Student Athletes

Headed For College educational consultants are trained to work with male and female athletes in all sports. Your consultant will assist you to ensure that you have satisfied the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements for NCAA Division I and II schools, and are in the best position possible to be recruited at the NCAA Division I, II or III.